Success is delivering to our clients, practical Geotechnical and Civil Engineering services and support for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of a safe engineering solution for their assorted projects through out the North Western States.

Geotechnical Engineering –  Our soils or geotechnical reports are prepared by a registered professional geotechnical engineer, not a geologist.  A typical report is comprised of a text portion, site maps/plans, boring logs, figures, and analysis.  We conduct field investigations; analyze field conditions and soil laboratory data to prepare recommendations for ground improvements and foundation design for structures.

Though soils and “geo” are synonymous, they refer to similar yet different services.  A geologic report is prepared by a geologist or engineering geologist.  Soil/geologic reports are completed in geographical areas where the expertise in both the engineer and geology are necessary.  Castle Rock Geotechnical Engineering collaborates with credible or professional geologist to prepared soil/geology reports.

Foundation Engineering - Castle Rock geotechnical has provided over a 1,000 foundation reports in the northwest region of the USA (in the states we are licensed to practice) with a performance record of 100%.  Foundation engineering has long been the fire in which we’ve proven our metal.  Receive an accurate and reliable recommendations made by skillful foundation engineer.   Our services save our clients’ money.

Castle Rock provides a range of geotechnical, foundation, and civil engineering consulting services.

  1. Foundation Engineering

  2. Landslide Investigations

  3. Erosion and Scour Studies

  4. Debris Flow

  5. Slope Failure

  6. Groundwater Monitoring

  7. Percolation Testing

  8. Storm Water Infiltration

  9. Geosynthetic – Grid Design

  10. Inspection and Observations

  11. In Situ Soil Testing During Construction

Value Engineering

Our business is based on client success.  We are dedicated to finding a cost effective design that is safe. 

Project costs are greatly influenced by discovery and field findings.  Inexperience leads to an over and under designed project. 

Overly conservative designs in some instances cannot be built due to prohibitive expenses and conversely under designed projects are dangerous.



has a tradition of determining economical solutions for our clients.  We’ve focus on maintaining compliance with building codes resulting in excellent public safety record.


“We have worked with Andy over the last 10 years.  He is a very capable engineer and has delivered accurate and practical geotechnical recommendations based on sound fundamentals.  Andy is a professional with high integrity and strong professional values. We look forward to working with Andy

in the future.”


Josh Gliko, PE,   Owner, Shop Engineering